It’s All About Voting

Hi friends!

I don’t like asking people for things, and I definitely don’t like asking people to give up their hard-earned money, but sitting within our comfort zones isn’t going to get us anywhere. And we HAVE TO MOVE right now.


We’ve been sending postcards to notify people who were purged from voter rolls in key swing states, and now to let people know about early voting. Five million postcards have gone out already, so soon they’ll be looking for volunteers to send texts and make phone calls, so feel free to contact them directly: Reclaim Our Vote


In case postcarding, texting, and calling doesn’t fit into your already 110% full day, and you’re  looking to squeeze as much impact as possible out of your donations, check out this site, Flip the Vote

They have identified the most effective Get-Out-The-Vote organizations in the most critical swing states so you don’t have to do any research. If you’d rather give to a 501c3, we’ve also been supporting Voter Participation Center, an ‘umbrella’ voter organization for months and they seem to do good, targeted work:

We have a few other local organizations in swing states that we researched and have been funding, and can pass those names along to you if you like.

Thanks for taking time to support voting! I know the election may seem a little less urgent than all the things we’re faced with today—add the lack of fresh air on the whole west coast to all the other stuff we’re dealing with—but making sure all Americans can and do vote is critical to our ability to address all these issues long-term.

Stay well!


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