Seattle Women’s March 2018

Second year in a row. Last year it was sunny and clear for our march. Eagles circled overhead at the start of the route. People were fired up and ready to go. This year, it was gray and damp. People were not happy that here we were, a year later, shell-shocked, some of us angry and depressed, tired, unbelieving. The most energized were the younger folks, the college and high school kids, starting chants and songs, waving creative signs, wearing their knitted pink or rainbow colored hats. Us older ones there too, chatty and present, as determined as ever not [...]

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Where is Happy?

Between Christmas and New Year’s I read a 2008 nonfiction book called The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. Somewhat unfortunately titled, Weiner describes his visits to ten countries searching for the secrets to individual and community happiness. A foreign correspondent for NPR, he writes in a snappy, ironic, deprecating style, and had a research assistant who ploughed through mountains of happiness research, both scientific and philosophical, which he layers in at all the right places as he describes his travels. Weiner began his journeys at Erasmus University’s World Database of Happiness in Rotterdam, which holds almost 12,000 studies related [...]

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Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

One thing I don’t like is doing the same thing over and over again. Like commuting along the same route every day. Like always doing laundry on Sundays. Like cooking the same Thanksgiving dinner every year. I like to mix it up a little. International travel does that, for sure. Saying “yes” more than “no” does that. Of course, sometimes you get in way over your head, like the months I was volunteering at three different organizations at once and they all ended up scheduling me on the same Thursday month after month. Or the backlog of sewing projects in [...]

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