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My Uncle Phil

My mother had one brother, Philip. Earlier this year, I traveled kitty-corner across the country to sit in a hard plastic folding chair on a jetty at Cape Canaveral Florida staring 14 miles north toward the Kennedy Space Center’s launch pad 39A for five and a half hours. Why? Because a tiny capsule containing a…

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North to Alaska!

Just back from a couple weeks in Alaska, partly by land and partly by sea, traveling with good friends. A first time for all of us, and not really high on our lists of places to visit. But why not, we thought; let’s go see. We started with a flight from Seattle to Fairbanks and…

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Protest by any other name…

In Protest on Trial I use the words “protest,” “dissent” and “activism” mostly interchangeably. “Resistance” is another word you frequently see in the context of people voicing concern or opposition to the status quo as orchestrated by governments, religions or corporations. One of the good things about the variety of wording is that it allows for a…

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Seattle Times covers Protest on Trial

Want to read a chapter of Protest on Trial? The Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine for this weekend, May 5-6 excerpts a chapter of the book, and includes additional material from Kit. The photos are terrific! it’s great online, but the hard copy is even better. Seattle Times on Protest on Trial

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It's not all about Protest

While Protest on Trial: the Seattle 7 Conspiracy, my latest book, is getting most of the publicity this spring, it’s not the only one out there. Dancing on the Edge, my Young Adult book about grieving, discovery, real and imaginary friends, traveling in England and 12 year old Dot’s irritating aunt has been reprinted by Chatwin Press…

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Amazon's Bananas

Amazon's bubbles in downtown Seattle

How do you read that? “Amazon is bananas”? Or “Amazon’s gone bananas”? Or maybe just plain “the bananas of Amazon”? If you picked the last one, you’d be correct. This afternoon I walked by an Amazon building (there are dozens in Seattle, stretching from Lake Union north to downtown—small two story buildings to forty story…

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Seattle Women's March 2018

Sign changing "I am an object" to "I object"

Second year in a row. Last year it was sunny and clear for our march. Eagles circled overhead at the start of the route. People were fired up and ready to go. This year, it was gray and damp. People were not happy that here we were, a year later, shell-shocked, some of us angry…

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Where is Happy?

Between Christmas and New Year’s I read a 2008 nonfiction book called The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. Somewhat unfortunately titled, Weiner describes his visits to ten countries searching for the secrets to individual and community happiness. A foreign correspondent for NPR, he writes in a snappy, ironic, deprecating style, and had a research…

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Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

One thing I don’t like is doing the same thing over and over again. Like commuting along the same route every day. Like always doing laundry on Sundays. Like cooking the same Thanksgiving dinner every year. I like to mix it up a little. International travel does that, for sure. Saying “yes” more than “no”…

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