The Joys of Electoral Politics

I’m back on track with current events, after taking a few days off to mourn Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the end of the American democracy as we know it. But…perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all…I’ve been text banking for 2020Victory. A very organized process, supported by easy to sue software (Slack and a server called ThruText), detailed training sessions, and encouraging mentors and supporters. I get a batch of 300 names/text addresses, in this case from Ohio. I send them out, one by one. The message is specific to the recipient group. It identifies me (the sender) by first name only, as a volunteer for the democratic campaign, and does not include my personal text address. When (if) they respond, I have a series of canned messages I can send them, depending on their response. For me, these Ohio voters were Terrific! Many had already voted blue. One responded “Blue all the way through.”

I’ve also been reading some Walt Whitman.

Leaves of grass as seen on my morning walk yesterday.

Whitman also worried about America, saying “…the lack of a common skeleton, knitting all close, continually haunts me…”

Let’s get that skeleton back together!


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