Protest by any other name…

In Protest on Trial I use the words “protest,” “dissent” and “activism” mostly interchangeably.

“Resistance” is another word you frequently see in the context of people voicing concern or opposition to the status quo as orchestrated by governments, religions or corporations.

One of the good things about the variety of wording is that it allows for a very large continuum of action that can be adapted to the type of change being promoted as well as the opposition’s choice of weaponry in response. In Protest on Trial, I list many such stops along the continuum, including boycotts, strikes, petitions, public demonstrations, civil disobedience and revolution.

This variety is on my mind this week because I just saw the musical HAMILTON and a day later, the movie THE POST. The former is about a full-scale military revolution, and the latter is all about the amazing power of words in the hands of a free and responsible press. The former created a brand-new country; the latter turned up the flame on the anti Vietnam war movement and helped topple the Nixon administration. History tells us that there is room for it all, and that none of it comes without consequences.

PS the poster is an original silk screen from my days working at the SDS National Office in Chicago in 1968/9. The guy who designed and made it was a terrific artist. I’ve forgotten his name–if anyone can identify him, please let me know.

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