Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

One thing I don’t like is doing the same thing over and over again. Like commuting along the same route every day. Like always doing laundry on Sundays. Like cooking the same Thanksgiving dinner every year.

I like to mix it up a little. International travel does that, for sure. Saying “yes” more than “no” does that. Of course, sometimes you get in way over your head, like the months I was volunteering at three different organizations at once and they all ended up scheduling me on the same Thursday month after month. Or the backlog of sewing projects in my basement, or writing projects in my head. There are always way more steps to every plan, from cleaning out that basement, to learning how to draw, to knitting a pair of sox than I ever anticipate. Eyes bigger than the brain, I guess.

Even so, it’s worth a few failures to try new things.

Last year, I tried kayaking with my husband for the first time. Turned out we both wanted to be in charge, so we’re unlikely to take it up as a major hobby.

More successful was driving to Idaho to see full totality during the recent eclipse. As everyone says, true totality is completely different from 99.9% totality. Next one is in April 2024—Mexico to Vermont, so plan ahead! Here we are in an Idaho state park with my brother and sister-in-law getting ready. I’m definitely keeping my eclipse glasses—now I can look at the sun any time I want.

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