Dancing on the Edge


This is the sort of book I enjoy reading—I would have liked it as a kid, and I like it as an adult. I like books about travel and adventure; I like learning about historical people who have done good things with their lives. I like a little humor here and there. I like being reminded that we all make mistakes and that the world is a little dangerous, but that for most of us, there are ways to survive and do well. I wanted to write a story for kids that says that taking a risk and doing the right thing makes you feel good about yourself.

I put Dot in England because I love so much about that country. The English have done a wonderful job of protecting their beautiful green countryside—hiking on England’s thousands of miles of footpaths, even when it’s muddy, is one of my greatest delights. I also love English women writers, and I wanted to introduce younger readers to an unusual group of them.

I also like reading novels that are partly nonfiction—it’s fun to learn something along with enjoying the story. So, you see, I really wrote the book to indulge my own reading preferences. I hope you find as much pleasure in reading it as I found in writing it.